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Sergey Protko
@vjoao it this component controller or "global" controller?
Victor Nascimento
component controller
Sergey Protko
then you should pass resolved value to component binding.
Victor Nascimento
and the config belogns to the welcome component js file
Sergey Protko
.component('myComponent', {
    bindings: { currentAuth: '<' }
something like that. I didn't use uiRouter for a while
Victor Nascimento
thanks, it worked =)
This changed a bit the way I was used to do
Sergey Protko
well... this is just a separation of concerns. Components responsible only for UI, not for state. You get state from within resolvers and pass it via bindings to components.
state changed - resolver updates value.
Victor Nascimento
really cool =)


what is the best way to add a show page or component to display the id of a record?

Do I need to create another component inside my current component and add a route to the subcomponent for show, edit, ect?
anthony olivence
Anyone run into an issue with karma not finding npm or bower imports outside of app.js, such as in a component.js?
Bnaya Peretz
I see that each component have its own module
Is it considered as best practise?
Demetri Ganoff
Has anyone tried placing .spec.js files outside the client/app folder? I'm trying to convert an existing project to use a similar webpack/testing setup as NG6-starter, but having issues getting the tests to run
I have my source files in src/app and my test files in test/unit.
I'm wondering if I need to add something to my spec.bundle.js file or the karma config so that it loads the correct source and test files
I keep getting this terminal error:
forEach@webpack:///~/angular/angular.js:321:0 <- spec.bundle.js:390:25
loadModules@webpack:///~/angular/angular.js:4601:0 <- spec.bundle.js:4670:13
createInjector@webpack:///~/angular/angular.js:4523:0 <- spec.bundle.js:4592:31
workFn@webpack:///~/angular-mocks/angular-mocks.js:3074:0 <- spec.bundle.js:34916:61
inject@webpack:///~/angular-mocks/angular-mocks.js:3054:0 <- spec.bundle.js:34896:47
webpack:///src/app/app.config.spec.js:9:0 <- spec.bundle.js:35004:12
webpack:///~/angular/angular.js:4641:0 <- spec.bundle.js:4710:54
That was actually after I moved the spec file into src/app just to see if it would work
Aneesh Devasthale
Hi all, this is a seriously good boilerplate. I need a node server which will serve my HTML/JS/CSS. It's pretty basic to do if I do a gulp webpack and then simply serve the dist directory. Can i have this in dev mode also? Basically I am trying to render the initial state on the server (using ejs/jade) and set it as a global variable in a script tag. The angular app will then load this initial state.
Hello Guys, I'm kinda new with ES6 and I want to know if you have some snippets or codes I can follow to implement API on NG6-starter?
Jayr Motta
have anyone enabled e2e tests on this starter? i'm trying to do it but i'm getting this:
15 12 2016 10:25:29.091:INFO [PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Mac OS X 0.0.0)]: Connected on socket 491w3G-X2bh-KHZgAAAA with i
d 92737466
PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Mac OS X 0.0.0) LOG: 'WARNING: Tried to load angular more than once.'
PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Mac OS X 0.0.0) ERROR
  TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'window.angular.$$csp()')
  at <myfolder>/spec.bundle.js:33019
David Wayne Griffith
@jayrmotta I was going to set unit and e2e tests this weekend on a small project that used the NG6 starter. I will let you know if I get an optimal setup for e2e. For now, I found this repo: https://github.com/zombiQWERTY/angular-webpack-starter You might want to clone it and see if the e2e tests work. If they do you will have a working setup to compare against. Cheers
David Wayne Griffith
I forgot, I am using my testing setup from https://github.com/AngularClass/NG6-todomvc-starter That might be the repo you want to clone and test for comparison.
David Wayne Griffith
@jayrmotta https://github.com/AngularClass/NG6-todomvc-starter I just cloned it, ran npm install, then followed the e2e setup and run instructions on the README and all the tests ran just fine. So you should look that as a source reference.
George Daniel

Hello i'm new to AngularJS where do i start from

Hi all.
I'm using the starter with Angular Material (https://material.angularjs.org/latest/), it's working great so far.
There is a component for dialogs at https://material.angularjs.org/latest/api/directive/mdDialog
When a component asks for the URL an HTML template, how do I provide the template using the ES6 syntax?


controller: DialogController,
templateUrl: 'tabDialog.tmpl.html',
parent: angular.element(document.body),
targetEvent: ev,

How to provide the template?

steven kauyedauty
I have to ask if there is something we have to do besides npm run build to get the imports read when we create a service folder and file for this starter?
Andrey Pindyuk
how to can include ng-scrolbars to my project with NG6-starter?
I'm using Webstorm for development, Using this boilerplate app, I manage to Debug my code using webstorm. But I Can't Debug Unit Test. Did someone managed to Debug Unit tst using webstorm and NG6 starter app. The unit test are running from Webstorm but they never stop at breakpoints.

I found the problem for debugging unit test, it is described here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41988027/karma-webpack-sourcemap-preprocessor-doesnt-stop-at-breakpoints-in-webstorm/42005407#42005407

the key was to put this is karma.conf.js:
webpack: {
devtool: 'source-map',

Hi Can anyone let me know how to connect mysql from controller in NG6-starter ?
Ramy Tamer
@Arch88 you need backend server, This starter for the client side
@ramytamer I am using Loopback for backend APIs
hi guys, can some one direct me to a quick starter or tutorial for NG6-starter?
Matias Fernandez Martinez
just the @dinindu-fernando Readme file on https://gitter.im/AngularClass/NG6-starter
@leonelag can you use the template directly?
template: require('./home.html'),
Jordan Christley
Hey, this may seem elementary, but I can't seem to get a component that I created to show up on the page.
  1. I created the component as it says to, mine is called "profile"
  1. It simply contains two <h1> headers within profile.html
  1. I placed the <profile></profile> tags in home.html
  1. That didn't show, even though an h1 tag that I placed directly into home.html DID show. So then I tried placing the <profile> tags in navbar.html
It still doesn't work
Jordan Christley
Does anyone actually reply to this channel?
Tushar Mudgal
@JordanTreDaniel use command line instead to create component npm run component -- --name componentName