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    Hamed Nourhani
    hi must i use socket.io alongside angular to connect server socket or there is a builltin functionality with ng?
    Pulkit Agarwal
    This message was deleted
    This message was deleted
    Bart Peperkamp
    Hi there, I managed to reconnect the socket session (in case of a server restart/error). The connection is 'open', however, i cannot get messages. Does anybody know what to do?
    Muhammad Aref
    I spent around 4 hours to figure out how to write a unit test, and I couldn't
    This is my service:
        function eventsStream (storage, $websocket) {
            const _collection = [];
            return {
                 * @param  {function} callback
                 * @return {object}
                connect (callback) {
                    // FIXME: we have to redirect to the config state
                    if (storage.get('streamConfig')) {
                        const wsUri = 'ws://localhost:8888/api';
                        const dataStream = $websocket(wsUri);
                        dataStream.onMessage(message => {
                            if (angular.isFunction(callback)) {
                    } else {
                        return 'You have to set the stream configuration.';
                    return {
                        collection: _collection
    The unit test:
        describe('Unit testing eventsStream service', () => {
            let $websocketBackend,
            beforeEach(angular.mock.module('ngWebSocket', 'ngWebSocketMock'));
            beforeEach(inject((_$websocketBackend_, _eventsStream_, _storage_) => {
                $websocketBackend = _$websocketBackend_;
                eventsStream = _eventsStream_;
                storage = _storage_;
                $websocketBackend.expectSend({data: JSON.stringify({test: true})});
            it('Should passes the collection to the connect callback is the configuration exists', () => {
                storage.set('streamConfig', {});
                eventsStream.connect(collection => {
    Muhammad Aref
    any help??
    Muhammad Aref
    I tried to use AMD (requireJS) to load angular-websocket file, but I get an error stating - Uncaught Error: Script error for "ws"
    I checked the source code of angular-websockets.js file, and seems the code tries to require['ws'] module
    I don't see any existence of 'ws' module. Any help would be appreciated here
    i just tried it and i didnt have any problems
    maybe use cdn?
    how can you open a connection with a different url?
    inside the controller
    also having trouble with unit testing with $websocketBackend. I can test the connect successfully, but I want to trigger the onOpen event handler so that I can test that functionality. how can I achieve a mocked successful websocket handshake using the mock library?
    Is Ok?

    Hi all!
    I am trying to make a small webapp, and was wondering what the best practice method was for getting initialization data when the socket makes the first connection? I currently have setup a .factoryto return a collection with a .send method. i,e

    .factory('WebSktData', function ($websocket) {
      <snip snip>
    var methods = {
                    collection: collection,
                     send: function (message) {
    return methods;

    What would be considered the correct way to pass a function to the onOpen and onError from the controller, and not directly in the factory?

    Jeremy Carlsten
    Anyone using this with typescript yet?

    I ask because I'm having issues with getting the typings setup. I've found a typings file for angular-websockets but when I try to compile my ts files I get the following error
    tsconfig.json generated: tsconfig.json

    typings/modules/angular-websocket/index.d.ts(23,22): error TS1110: Type expected.
    typings/modules/angular-websocket/index.d.ts(24,35): error TS1109: Expression expected.
    typings/modules/angular-websocket/index.d.ts(163,1): error TS1128: Declaration or statement expected.

    Hi there
    I'm looking to use angular-websocket but once I've install it and injecting it to my all app my unit test beforeEarch call are not... called, is someone have seen a similar issue?
    my bad, I just forget to add angular-websocket to karma imports
    sorry for the noise :D
    Ask, angular2-websocket support IPv6 access?
    Ask, angular2-websocket support IPv6 access?
    Saurabh Mishra
    Hi, can somebody give me pointers for using websocket with angular 4
    A general websocket question
    Is there any option to send data to client, without any request from client?
    yes use emit
    websockets is about events
    there are 4 events
    or you can use intervals
    Guys. Anyone here who can help me with adding a JWT Authorization header to the websocket connection string? There's a PR for it which I have transpiled but I dont know how to add it
    This is my current string which works on ws servers without needing JWT auth.
        var wsTransactions = $websocket('wss://frontend.smartloxs.io:8090/access/transactions', {
            reconnectIfNotNormalClose: false
    Claudio Pomo
    I'm using AngularWebSocket with angular-nvd3. I get a lot of error in console about Uncaught Error: [$rootScope:infdig] 10 $digest() iterations reached. Aborting!
    How can I solve this?
    Is https://github.com/afrad/angular2-websocket the best alternate for using websockets in angular 5?
    I was using https://github.com/gdi2290/angular-websocket in Angular 1.x
    I`m using Angular universal and webpack compiler exactly like docs that angular published. But I faced many errors:
    ERROR Error: NotYetImplemented
    at Document.exports.nyi (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/domino/lib/utils.js:41:9)
    at CookieService.check (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/ngx-cookie-service/cookie-service/cookie.service.js:31:48)
    Could you please help me?
    Mateusz Mydlarz
    Hi guys, i try to enter angular-websocket documentation and i cant https://www.omniref.com/github/gdi2290/angular-websocket
    someone can help me?
    how i can say to specific channel?
    Mateusz Mydlarz
    ok, i made it
    var params = { channel: "AppearanceChannel", uuid: "" };
    let data = JSON.stringify({ command: "subscribe", identifier: JSON.stringify(params)});
    dataStream.send( data );