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Jun 2015
I actually should have done it in typescript
Dima Kuzmich
Jun 02 2015 11:36
@gdi2290 Hi, does your startup kit supports CSSClass? If so, do you have an example of how to use it?
Elad Reuven Katz
Jun 02 2015 14:13
@gdi2290 thanks!
@gdi2290 if i understand correctly, the TypeScript compilation is done with the webpack-server, right? so how could you have written the express-server-example.js in TS?
doesn't the express-server-example.js run before the webpacking compilation?
PatrickJS []
Jun 02 2015 22:54
@EladRK you have to install express etc and run something like node or nodemon
so nodemon ./server/express-server-example.jsjust like webpack-dev-server the files are compiled in-memory so if you wanted them build you would run
webpack to build out your static files
@forforeach what do you mean by CSSClass? can you give me an example so I can add support etc