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Sep 2015
Sep 03 2015 11:41
After npm start I get ERROR in ./src/app/bootstrap.ts
Module parse failed: /Desktop/test2/angular2-webpack-starter/src/app/bootstrap.ts Line 4: Unexpected token
You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.
Sep 03 2015 16:24
somehow made the example work by removing the /test/ from the exclude in loader the webpack.config.js. Still had some 'cannot find module' warnings
Sep 03 2015 21:21
@gdi2290 the latest alpha 36 version app works great! since the "examples" folder is the same level as "src" folder, how do I switch to examples app ? the magic switch inside public/index.html no longer valid.. Thanks in advance.
<!-- TODO: replace /app-simple.js with /app.js -->