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Oct 2015
Oct 22 2015 16:14
anyone know how to build the examples, are they each a separate angular application?
PatrickJS []
Oct 22 2015 18:18
they are each a separate app and the examples need to be updated still if they don’t work
Yuki K
Oct 22 2015 19:15
after PR #110 removed ng2.d.ts and tsd.json, i'm seeing that the typescript compiler doesn't know how to interpret 'angular2/angular2', etc. Which angular2 type definitions should the app be referring to now to get rid of these build errors? Why doesn't app.ts need the reference to _custom.d.ts any more?
Yuki K
Oct 22 2015 19:28
oh i guess i need the new version of TS, thanks
hmm is 1.6.2 not new enough?