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Jan 2016
Dimitrii Lyomin
Jan 05 2016 08:26
Hi There. I'm trying add less to my project. And less files compile to styles, but I have error "EXCEPTION: TypeError: s.replace is not a function browser_adapter.js:85" May I fix it? Thanks!
Jan 05 2016 09:01
Hello! Is anybody use jspm?
Joris Conijn
Jan 05 2016 15:36
I just pulled the master branch but i get an error while executing "npm start" (events.js:72
throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event) and i suppose to tell the maintainer it failed on: "webpack-dev-server --progress --profile --colors --display-error-details --display-cached"
Jan 05 2016 23:39
Hey guys, i'm getting started with Angular 2 using the webpack stater. Thank you , its awesome. I had question about third party dependancies. With Angular 1 I used bower and a gulp-wiredep to automate adding my dep to the index.html. What approach should I use for Angular 2 after I install something with NPM ? In my case i'm attempting to add semantic UI. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.