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Jan 2016
Jan 06 2016 00:51
Nevermind it looks like the package.json for semanic doesn't have an entry for main
therefore it's not getting imported when I add it to the vendor.ts file
Catalin Cioloca
Jan 06 2016 10:11
Does anyone now how to add material design to Angular 2?
Ken Rimple
Jan 06 2016 20:20
Hi folks. GREAT starting repo here! I have two questions. The simplest one (maybe) first: can I proxy to a Node.JS server URL or possibly run my own Node web server launching webpack behind it? I want to use the awesome json-server api to provide a fake backend for restful data. That requires booting a node server instead of / or proxied from the webpack dev server for dev purposes.

The second one: I'm adding a dependency to the marked markdown library. I used npm install marked --save to add it as a dependency, but then to add the type library I did

typings install     github:DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped//marked/marked.d.ts#493d3b6882c79289cd9597a45c287250297d5b9d --save --ambient --name marked

which installed it in the typings file. It compiles now, but can't find the js library. How do I get the sample to import the new library?

Ken Rimple
Jan 06 2016 20:26
ok, ignor the first one - that's just on the webpack-dev-server link in "Combining with an existing server" or in the "proxying" section. I'm killing it with pre-RTFM questions, sorry gang - link I will do that. Second question is definitely up for grabs until I figure that out too.
Ken Rimple
Jan 06 2016 20:35
Alrighty, in answer to question 2, that is exactly how it works. Automatically. So, once you do the npm install of the dependency, then do typings install of the representative d.ts file as above, it gets incorporated into main.bundle.js (with my flags of --save --ambient and --name) as marked (I'm going to edit the post above to show syntax). This is awesome.
so the command was:
typings install\
#493d3b6882c79289cd9597a45c287250297d5b9d --save --ambient --name marked
where \ is a line break