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Feb 2016
Feb 03 2016 09:54
Hi, please tell me, is there possibility to debug angular2-webpack-starter from WebStorm directly?
Feb 03 2016 10:02
@nfmmonteiro Thank you for the clarification :).
Sam Jones
Feb 03 2016 13:11
@nfmmonteiro if public const OK: number = 200; doesn't work, then there might not be such a thing as a 'class constant' in TS? There isn't much mention here:
But I would expect those keywords to work inside a class closure as well as any other.
Nuno Monteiro
Feb 03 2016 19:32
class Constants {
    public const myname:string;
does not work
typescript reports error
(the same error when I add static to it)
so... the const keyword is not yet supported on class properties]