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Feb 2016
Zahadi Eslicho
Feb 10 2016 01:37
Hi, anyone knows how to fix symlink issue? AngularClass/angular2-webpack-starter#315
Peter Pisljar
Feb 10 2016 10:16
Feb 10 2016 16:30
hey everyone, does anyone know what the end to end tests are supposed to look like?
I ran the e2e:live and it just says :
Starting debugger agent.
Debugger listening on port 5858
Jamie Spittal
Feb 10 2016 22:47
That’s going to live watch for e2e changes.
I generally use npm run ci to run the suite of tests
but you can see all the scripts available and what they do in the package.json file.
if you do want to use e2e live
you can use this (as found in
npm run webdriver:start
# in another terminal
npm run e2e:live
^ @jasonboggess