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Feb 2016
Feb 23 2016 10:04
It got painfully slow on subsequent builds since I updated to version 3.0.0. Any ideas?
webpack: bundle is now VALID.
webpack: bundle is now INVALID.
5362ms build modules
5ms seal
104ms optimize
30ms hashing
139ms create chunk assets
86ms additional chunk assets
4599ms optimize chunk assets
16695ms optimize assets
43ms emit
Hash: 6fd3c185387ef5015abd
Version: webpack 1.12.14
Time: 28032ms
Raj Krishna Maharjan
Feb 23 2016 10:49
anyone here?
Feb 23 2016 11:47
nvm I found AngularClass/angular2-webpack-starter#222
Feb 23 2016 11:50
anyone seeing this error?
This message was deleted
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: object is not a constructor(…)
in undefined:1
which points to chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/undefined
Feb 23 2016 15:15
does anyone have issues with slowness of the dev build?
Feb 23 2016 15:32
Using just a few classes the seed has become unusable to me, it spends a minute in "90% optimize assets" and then crashes with out of memory
James Pacileo
Feb 23 2016 17:42
Apologies guys... but how do I add additional dependencies to the base project?
npm install <project_name>
import {...} from "<project_name>/module"
typescript is autocompleting fine, but I'm getting "Source file not found" in the dev server logs
Feb 23 2016 18:00
@thomasbee see issue: AngularClass/angular2-webpack-starter#222 There are workarounds.
Feb 23 2016 18:01
@binarious I didn't get any
ah, sorry, scrolling problem
Feb 23 2016 18:03

I added:

ts: {
   transpileOnly: true

To my webpack config. This made it a lot faster until the ts-loader issue is resolved.

Jason Miazga
Feb 23 2016 19:03
is anyone able to run the e2e tests?
Jason Miazga
Feb 23 2016 19:28

can anyone run

npm run e2e

and let me know if you get any errors?