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Mar 2016
Mar 03 2016 09:42

Hey, guys. I'm using Angular2 Webpack Starter but I'm not able to include 3rd party libs into my project. Here's what I do:

npm i bootstrap-select
Then in my Component:
This loads js of the bootstrap-select component, but not .css. Am I doing something wrong?

Mar 03 2016 10:47
@jkyoutsey I wonder if it has something to do with the code itself.. I've tried it on different environments, different node version but to no avail, it's always slow and always crashing
Jared Youtsey
Mar 03 2016 15:49
@fxck I've wondered that too. By removing all of the uglify and below from I did see some tslint stuff that may have had something to do with it. Tempted to turn off all linting.
Matan Tsuberi
Mar 03 2016 18:48
Hi guys, does anyone know how to properly include jQuery and semnatic-ui into the project ?
really having a hard time ...