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Mar 2016
Joanne Yae
Mar 10 2016 00:20
Actually, I found an alternative. if you import your 3rd party libraries in your entry file, you can use them throughout your whole app without needing to require them in individual components. this essentially globalizes it
I still want to know how you can do it with resolve.alias and with plugins
Anas R. Firdousi
Mar 10 2016 04:11
@nyjy85 yes thats exactly the way it should be done. Import it in your main.ts or wherever you are bootstrapping your Angular app.
Folks, please free to comment, question or any feedbacks are hihgly appreciated.
Maciej Kowalski
Mar 10 2016 07:28

can anyone explain to my what

preLoaders: [
// TODO(gdi2290): exclude: [ helpers.root('node_modules/rxjs') ] fixed with rxjs 5 beta.3 release
{ test: /.js$/, loader: "source-map-loader", exclude: [
] }

is the story behing excluding node_modules/txjs

and the comment TODO(gdi2290) ?

i have the same problem with ng2-bootstrap and if i knew what the problem is i would try to fix it in ng2-bootstrap

Leigh Caplan
Mar 10 2016 20:04
Hey all, I had a quick question- is there a reason that the ng2 webpack starter isn't pulling in the polyfill bundle provided with angular2, vs using es7-reflect-metadata, zone.js/microtask, etc?
I couldn't find any explanation and I don't like cargo culting :)
Joanne Yae
Mar 10 2016 20:55
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This message was deleted
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Duncan Davis
Mar 10 2016 22:10
I am having an issue with the timeout on typings install
node is complaining about "es6-promise": "github:typed-typings/npm-es6-promise#fb04188767acfec1defd054fc8024fafa5cd4de7"
It times out