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Mar 2016
Artur Rozwalak
Mar 11 2016 08:22
hi guys, I was wondering if it's possible to configure prod version to compile components into separate files, and than lazy load components as they are needed instead loading whole application at once?
hi, do somebody has an example how to use this package with ?
Maciej Kowalski
Mar 11 2016 12:29
@94b i am using it with, it probably similar
thanks @fkowal
Matthew de Nobrega
Mar 11 2016 13:48
Hi all, I have a fairly large application based on this starter, and for Angular beta > 6 the dev server keeps running out of memory. Has anyone else had a similar issue, and any ideas on how to optimize the webpack config? Commenting out app entrypoints doesn't help so it looks like angular is the main culprit here. Downgrading to 6 fixes the issue.
Sam Jones
Mar 11 2016 21:24
@arozwalak you have to use webpack require.ensure blocks to make it spit things into different chunks, then you have to figure out a way to load them in angular at the right time.
You can use asyncRoute to do this on a basic level fairly easily, though I imagine the more granular you want to be, the more complicated the setup will get... very quickly.