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Mar 2016
Matthieu Drula
Mar 12 2016 04:52
Hi guys
Can somebody tell me which file to modify to turn off Hot Reload please?
Artur Rozwalak
Mar 12 2016 12:14
thnx @ollwenjones, i'll try that
Sam Jones
Mar 12 2016 15:38
@matthieu-D you need to look at the arguments passed into the webpack-dev-servernpm scripts in the package.json
Sam Jones
Mar 12 2016 15:43
@arozwalak heads up because I burned a lot of time missing this: require.ensure blocks are crawled by webpack essentially 'compile time' - so they have to exist ahead of anything that happens at runtime. Also, you might have to look up a type definition for webpack require. There's some instructions near the bottom here:
Vadim Fedorenko
Mar 12 2016 21:00
Guys, hello.
When I use [(ngModel)] in my templates I am getting the 'No value accessor for '' in [null]' error. Here is example: . How to fix?
To see error just open debug pane
I get this error only in production mode. In debug mode it works well
sorry, 'development' mode
Sam Jones
Mar 12 2016 21:17
@meiblorn that plunk is using alpha.39... are you building in alpha.39?
Vadim Fedorenko
Mar 12 2016 21:33
No, it was just for example to show error. Look here: . If I use [(ngModel)] directive instead of [value]="data.value" (input)="data.value = $" I get such error after html minification
If not — it works perfectly
I guess, problem can be here ...
customAttrSurround: [[/#/, /(?:)/], [/\*/, /(?:)/], [/\[?\(?/, /(?:)/]], customAttrAssign: [/\)?\]?=/]
Vadim Fedorenko
Mar 12 2016 22:13
I've created an issue: AngularClass/angular2-webpack-starter#415