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Mar 2016
Nathan Smith
Mar 18 2016 17:04
Is there a way to fix/avoid all Duplicate identifier errors on master?
Mika I.
Mar 18 2016 21:20
Hey this is a nice project, seems really well put together for a beginner like me :P
any idea what this could be from?
Jamie Spittal
Mar 18 2016 21:35
@mikatalk There’s an issue for that
Mika I.
Mar 18 2016 21:36
oh thanks
would by chance know of an example repo to get started with webpack/typescript and ThreeJS?
Jamie Spittal
Mar 18 2016 21:53
Sorry, I don’t.
Ross Patterson
Mar 18 2016 22:31
How can I get npm run test to fail (exit code >0) if test coverage is too low?