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Mar 2016
Mike Cooper
Mar 24 2016 15:48
How do I simply include an external TS library? I added ng2-translate and then an import 'ng2-translate
and get library reference errors ... the exports in ng2-Translate are not resolved properly
WARNING in ./~/ng2-translate/ng2-translate.js
Cannot find source file 'ng2-translate.ts': Error: Cannot resolve 'file' or 'directory' ./ng2-translate.ts in C:\src\ang
Mar 24 2016 15:57
@littleStudent for wallaby.js the path of "spec-bundle.js" has changed; it's 'config/spec-bundle.js' now. I needed to update it in a couple places in wallaby.js to get things working
Thomas Sattlecker
Mar 24 2016 21:09
@ryneflood i changed the paths for the spec-bundle.js. still does not work. An updated example with working wallabyjs would be awesome.