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Mar 2016
Uros Lates
Mar 27 2016 00:12

I got it! It has to do W the fact that I’ve tried changing the port from 3000 manually within
It seems that W latest version of angular2-webpack-starter app isn’t working when starting it W none of below (which was working in previous versions):

PORT=XXXX  npm start
PORT=XXXX npm run-script server:prod

Did anyone had any success W running app on different port?

Attila Egyed
Mar 27 2016 12:43
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Attila Egyed
Mar 27 2016 13:51
any ideas why the production build fails? AngularClass/angular2-webpack-starter#473
Mar 27 2016 22:05
@uroslates i had the exact same issue when upgrading previously. #456
the only thing that fixed it for me is removing the 'vendor' script from webpack as detailed in the issue thread