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Apr 2016
Tanner Stirrat
Apr 05 2016 22:28
hey all, question on webpack's build. I've been using the convention of separate template files, and i've been putting them in the same folder as all of my typescript files. when I built the prod distribution, it stopped being able to find them, because the referenced folder doesn't exist anymore. is there an expectation that template files are going into a static folder?
Graham Churchley
Apr 05 2016 22:41
@tstirrat15 I also keep my template files in the same folder. I reference them in templateUrl by name only (no path) and I use the moduleId property to specify a relative file. e.g. moduleId:, templateUrl: 'myFile.tpl.html'
See this post for more details:
Graham Churchley
Apr 05 2016 22:56
@tstirrat15 - sorry, I don't think my suggestion will work for you with webpack.