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Apr 2016
Christophe HOARAU
Apr 08 2016 05:01
@ShaneXie it's just the default file when you don't specify any one when you import a folder.
Marcin Wojtczak
Apr 08 2016 05:59
Hey everyone! Is there any smart way to update angular2-webpack-starter locally after having it used in an application? I removed the original git folder and replaced with mine git repo
Yaroslav Yakovlev
Apr 08 2016 08:27
@zoamel what I did was going through the commits and updating manually. Doesnt look like a way to go but it worked for me :-)
Marcin Wojtczak
Apr 08 2016 13:32
@yaroslavya yeah thats the way I'm doing it now but it's a little bit tedious :D
Murhaf Sousli
Apr 08 2016 23:01
anyone here?