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Apr 2016
Tarun Sukhu
Apr 18 2016 14:20
Hi everyone, I am a new to WebPack and Angular2 .. I really love angular2-webpack-starter and have started to get the hang of it. One issue though which I was not able to resolve is to use the dist folder generated from a "npm run build:prod or build:dev" and get it working on a web server like tomcat. I even tried it on CloudFoundry as well but with no success. The browser just shows the "Loading ..." message and the console has just one message "Unknown property '-moz-osx-font-smoothing'. Declaration dropped." , though I think this is not the reason for it not working. Any ideas what am I doing wrong ? do I need to defined something on tomcat like a new "mime-mapping" or something ? Any help will be greatly appreciated .. Thanks