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May 2016
Ioannis Baourdos
May 06 2016 04:24
hello, this project is sooo sexy! just a quick question: I am running build:prod dist is created, all good but it complaints about all html/css files from src/app/** . once I move them manually its all good - but I am copy/pasting all the .ts etc etc files too. Are they meant to be copied to dist ?
Ioannis Baourdos
May 06 2016 04:43

ok ... idiot ... I added an extra task on prod config and I am good to go :)

new CopyWebpackPlugin([{
    from: 'src/app',
    to: 'app',
    ignore: ['*.ts']

I really like webpack (after year of ANT ... )

Alfredo Perez
May 06 2016 12:51
Has anyone tried to run this starter from an project? Or even better...from an MVC?
Thai Huynh
May 06 2016 17:03
does anyone know how to remove these messages "Duplicate identifier"