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May 2016
Steve Belovarich
May 17 2016 02:00
ooooo, echo that @gchurchley I want to know the best way too! you may want to ask in the angular/angular gitter
May 17 2016 10:48
is angular2 officially switching to webpack from systemjs?
May 17 2016 11:16
Text field does not allow input in Internet Explorer 11 or Edge or Safari for Windows. Does work in Chrome and Firefox. Using Windows 10.
Benny Bottema
May 17 2016 11:22
It's been a while since a release was published. does anyone have an ETA on the next stable release?
May 17 2016 12:01
@kkellystrandhill Similar issue. I am using Windows 10 and Edge. In the Home tab, when I click on the "Submit Local State to ..." it does not allow me to input any text. Seems to work on chrome and firefox. I looked through the known issues but cannot see a related issue. Is this an known issue. Apologies if this is already logged as an issue.
Eric Kisner
May 17 2016 17:46

Hey guys, I'm having a problem importing ng2-formly stuff into the webpack starter. I think it's because it's using SystemJS to export the modules?

npm install ng2-formly --save results in ng2-formly.js in node_modules/ng2-formly which looks like this:

System.register(["./src/main", "./src/templates"], function(exports_1, context_1) {
    "use strict";
    var __moduleName = context_1 &&;
    function exportStar_1(m) {
        var exports = {};
        for(var n in m) {
            if (n !== "default") exports[n] = m[n];
    return {
            function (main_1_1) {
            function (templates_1_1) {
        execute: function() {
I can't do import {FormlyForm} from "ng2-formly/ng2-formly";
Sam Jones
May 17 2016 20:17
What's the best way to keep my project config up to date with a seed project such as this one? The angular 2 project is going to be inside a UI subfolder of a larger repository, so it won't be as simple as adding another remote and fetching changes and cherry picking... :( Are there any best-practices besides compare & copy+paste?
Sean Larkin
May 17 2016 21:42
Ncu is nice