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May 2016
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
May 25 2016 13:05
@largeDachshund Can you check your ram usage? sometimes i get 20 sec compilation and some times i get > 1 min, i have noticed that this is because of ram space, if i fill my 4G ram with youtube tutorial videos, email, github doc pages and all that makes chrome heavy, the build process has to use the swap memory to be able to achieve their goal, my pc has SSD so it mitigates that issue a bit, but maybe it's your ram usage and not your configs that slow down the process.
Thomas Sattlecker
May 25 2016 14:36
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Thomas Sattlecker
May 25 2016 14:41
I have (an older version of this starter) running locally without any problems.
but if i have it deployed in a docker container, its not requesting my main.bundle.js file.
both local and deployed versions are built and started with the same npm commands
anyone an idea why this could happen?
Tim Sandberg
May 25 2016 16:24
@Luchillo I'll watch my process monitor on the next build. thanks for the tip