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May 2016
Cyril Maréchal
May 30 2016 08:43
Hi! I'm looking forward to use Angular's http. I'd like to load datas from a database with PHP and get those datas with Angular's http. My question is : my code will be compiled. But what about those PHP files ? Actually, how can I make all this working?
May 30 2016 18:32
@dev_funky_twitter you have to make a little cors config in your php files and thats it you can call it with the http service
Cyril Maréchal
May 30 2016 19:41
I don't think I need to do any cross domain access config because it's on the same domain. (Am I wrong?) My question is more about : can I put my PHP files into /src/app/sqlservices/getThings.php? And is it ok for webpack? (no config needed?)
Thank you for your answer @Cramirez_92_twitter :-)