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Jun 2016
Sean Larkin
Jun 08 2016 00:24
@alvipeo resolved thanks to less-loader
Jun 08 2016 09:46
I am trying to deploy an Angular2 Webpack app to AWS using putty and winscp. I am kinda lost/confused as to how to transfer the webpack to the aws server. Would appreciate greatly if anyone could point me in some direction! Thanks
Paul van den Berg
Jun 08 2016 13:36
@Nyctohylophobia the result of a webpack build is a js file. It's only that js file that you need to send to aws, right/
Sean Larkin
Jun 08 2016 14:50
It can also emit additional static assets
Jun 08 2016 20:40
in my angualr 2 project we are using bootstrap 4 and ng2 bootstrap
i tried to use datepicker but the icons are loading properly
it's loading glyicons
whereas in bootstrap 4 there are not glyicons..
any help would be appreciated
Jun 08 2016 22:25
how can i change the theme from bootstrap 3 to bootstrap 4
the datepicker styles defaults to bootstrap 3..wondering is there a theme change to apply to change it to bootstrap 4