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Jun 2016
Shahinur Islam
Jun 13 2016 15:33
How to add font-awesome in the project. Can any one please help me out?
Eric Kisner
Jun 13 2016 15:39
@mshahin364 I'm not sure if this is the correct way, but I downloaded the font-awesome sass library, put all of the _*.scss files into the app/styles directory, then I put the .otf, .svg, .woff, etc etc font files into assets/fonts directory
then you need to change _variables.scss: $fa-font-path to be whatever the relative path to assets/fonts is
@alvipeo I'm having the same problems..... couldn't get any help from the angular2 gitter chat either
Shahinur Islam
Jun 13 2016 15:53
Thanks @exk0730 I will try in your way.
Jun 13 2016 23:21
hey, should installed from git demo look like the page at
I got it working but it's not as beautiful