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Jun 2016
Emil Aasa
Jun 21 2016 05:13
@al_knows_twitter git clone, git checkout material
then deleted master and renamed material
Jun 21 2016 12:43

Hi, i'm trying to figure out what the best practice is when loading data from a config file.

I currently have an angular2 service which has constant properties. However, I have noticed that the project comes with a manifest.json in the assets folder. Should I be using that and loading it wherever it's required?

Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
Jun 21 2016 15:36
Quick question, how do you use app shell in Angular 2 with the new Component router (v 3.0)?, i get that you can use the root component as the app shell and then setup lazy loading for other components, but then how do i ensure that all components are available offline if they are requested on demand?
Can i trigger a fetch from the root component when it finish loading?