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Jun 2016
Pho Huynh
Jun 22 2016 03:38
Hi, how can I deloy this application>
Jun 22 2016 08:19
@shortgiraffe4 I think you just need to run npm run build:prod, and then upload the contents of the dist directory onto your server
Urban Lavbič
Jun 22 2016 09:03
Has anyone tried to add web workers to this starter?
Jun 22 2016 18:51
how to include jQuery?
If I use this guide I get the error - "typings ERR! deprecated The "ambient" flag is deprecated. Please use "global" instead"
And then If I wrtie "typings install jquery --save --global" I get
"typings ERR! message Unable to find "jquery" ("npm") in the registry.
typings ERR! message However, we found "jquery" for 1 other source: "dt"
typings ERR! message You can install these using the "source" option."
Shahinur Islam
Jun 22 2016 22:23
@Daniel you can try this "typings install dt~jquery - - global --save"