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Jun 2016
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
Jun 23 2016 00:39
@hameltomor @mshahin364 Or you can use the compact way:
typings i -SG dt~jquery
Jaroslaw Ivanov
Jun 23 2016 03:02
Is it will be included globally? How can I include some external dep only for specific component or file like 'import...'
Jaroslaw Ivanov
Jun 23 2016 03:14
I consider that global include is not best decision. But when I try to use something like 'import * as _ from '...'' (node_modules), I got warning from awesome-typescript-loader (about cannot find module). But it works great, all works, except this warning. And this warning can't allow prod task. Can you help?
Jun 23 2016 08:43
I am using angular 2 at my project and now and now I want add charts to my project.
Help me to choose between ng2-charts and d3.js
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
Jun 23 2016 14:02
The choice is basic, does ng2-charts support all charts you need? go for it, it doesn't? use d3.
I put it this way because you can note that the d3 library is BIG, it weights a whole lot more, and has a hell of a steep learning curve.
And if you try to reduce the steep learning curve with c3 that wraps d3, it gets even bigger.