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Jun 2016
Martin S.
Jun 24 2016 10:07
hi folks i got a question: I would like to insert some Javscript dynamically ionto my Angular2 so i created a SafeScript Objekt like
scriptCode: string =<script>function huha() {alert('Me esta Evil')}</script>; this.dangerousCode = sanitize.bypassSecurityTrustScript(this.scriptCode);
but here is the question. How to use now the dangerousCode element?
Ramses De La Peña Coronado
Jun 24 2016 15:44
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hi, im new here and with webpack, can some one tell me if there´s a tutorial about all the estructure of this project, i cant understand it at all.
a tutorial from this project or about webpack can help me a lot, thanks
Ramses De La Peña Coronado
Jun 24 2016 20:58

thanks, i have already seen that page, i know that structure, and understand most of their parts, but angular2-webpack-starter has a more complicated structure, and i try to understand, for example, i saw some videos about webpack and i am trying to understand how is different to get chunks or module chunks from webpack rather than import from EcmaScrip6

i am just learning from cero, sorry if i dont ask my question correctly