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Jun 2016
Knut Schle├čelmann
Jun 29 2016 06:01
@rjlee7 Try it? But yes, it does.
Jaroslaw Ivanov
Jun 29 2016 10:50
Hello, guys. How can I inject 3rd libs rely on some specific npm task? For example, 'npm run start:light'. So, for common I use in webpack.common.js ProvidePlugin CodeMirror. But when I start:light I need no CodeMirror. How can I do this? I thought that if I write something like this in ProvidePlugin "CodeMirror: process.env.npm_lifecycle_event !== 'start:light' ? 'codemirror' : null," I will get in my component just empty object (declare let CodeMirror: any). But I get a error "Cannot find module ".""
So, what the goal? How can I should write injection logic for graceful degradation? What I should write in component, how I should use DI with mention that this lib can be injected or can be not? Thank you!
99% Cocoa
Jun 29 2016 14:40
@kschlesselmann yes it worked. It was conflicting with some bootstrap styling ; )
Paul van den Berg
Jun 29 2016 19:53
hey guys, I've got a "new router" question
{path: 'detail/:id', component: DetailComponent}
Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot match any routes: '1'
why isn't 'detail/1' matching 'detail/:id'
Paul van den Berg
Jun 29 2016 20:00
looks like somewhere along the build pipeline, some escaping occurs which destroys the route
99% Cocoa
Jun 29 2016 21:00
I was wondering if in rc3 we have something similar to angular1 ui-router's abstract state? For example, /legal as an abstract parent state and /legal/institution, /legal/partners.
Manoel Freitas
Jun 29 2016 23:41
hello guys, i'm wandering how i'll use webpack with bower in the starter pack
i'll configure the or webpack.dist.config.js ??