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Jul 2016
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
Jul 06 2016 12:54
The idea is to have an App Shell, so the way async routes work right now is that you make the home page the first to load, and as soon as the event loop gets to an Idle state it should fetch and download the other pages of the app, basically lazy loading allowing to render faster the first page without waiting for the other 2-10 routes to download.
Thibaut Roy
Jul 06 2016 13:41
has anyone successfully imported bootstrap ?
also, how do i get rid of the following error ?
ERROR in [default]
Option 'sourceRoot' cannot be specified with option 'inlineSources'.

ERROR in [default] D:/git_clones/rail-prototypes/rail-b2c-showcase/typings/globals/webpack/index.d.ts:4:30
Cannot find module 'uglify-js'.
Emil Aasa
Jul 06 2016 18:32
Maybe some of you webpack conoisseurs can help with me this.
I have a ngrx/store-log-monitor component in my app component.
I'd like to completely strip it out in production. Ideas?
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
Jul 06 2016 19:16
2 ideas:
  1. Make use of the define plugin to set an env global var, then in the component itself configure it to only work if env == 'prod' or something.
  2. Harder, use the NormalModuleReplacementPlugin to replace the module with an empty one that has the same functions but those ones does nothing.
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
Jul 06 2016 19:22
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