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Jul 2016
Jul 14 2016 02:23
Hi! How I can include this module using webpack-starter?
Where I need include the javascript file?
Jul 14 2016 09:50


I'm stuck with custom component with ES6
In the app.html i have


and i have a component

import {Component} from "@angular/core"

  selector: 'side-menu',
  templateUrl: 'build/pages/sidemenu/sidemenu.html'
export class SidemenuComponent {

  constructor() {


import {SidemenuComponent} from './pages/sidemenu/sidemenu';

ok is never fired, and there is no any error at the log, and in the final html code i see only <side-menu>, without content of my templateUrl
I'm missing something but cannot realise what

Paul van den Berg
Jul 14 2016 11:19
@ekiyanov did you write any bootstrap code? is this supposed to be the root component?
question: how do you guys structure protractor (or other e2e) testcode?
in a separate folder or next to the components?
In the seed there's a e2e test next to the component, but what about "shared steps"?
Paul van den Berg
Jul 14 2016 11:30
@ttecho did you add webpack-merge as a dependency in package.json?
Jul 14 2016 13:55
@bergvandenp we did using "webpack-merge": "^0.14.0", but we were able to resolve the issue now
On another note, has anyone successfully deployed this starter to a Cloud Foundry/Heroku foundation? If so what steps/buildpacks/configurations did you use
99% Cocoa
Jul 14 2016 18:35
Is there a sample node/express backend to the starter that I could take a look at? I put "node-server": "cd server && npm install && nodemon server.js"line under scripts in package.json and created a node server at a different port, but was wondering if there was a better way to do this (that would go nicely with webpack).
Josh Elias
Jul 14 2016 21:17

Is this an appropriate way to use sass?

// webpack.config.common
     test: /\.scss$/,
     exclude: /node_modules/,
     loader: 'style-loader!css-loader!sass-loader'

// inside component
SampleComponent ],
    styles: [ require( "./sample.component.scss") ]

I'm getting an error that I'm getting the following error Expected 'styles' to be an array of strings.