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Jul 2016
Elvis Begović
Jul 20 2016 09:48
Elvis Begović
Jul 20 2016 09:55

i think the actual problem with google repo angular2-seed whose implement webpack is that the npm run build, build us all js compiled to /dist and no index.html no /css in separated file ... all is in bundle js but we do not have index.html in this /dist

and I think angularclass's repo is very good but too complexe for the beginner

I nedd angular2 + webpack with simple example webpack config of angularclass but other and not more from google repo angular2-seed

is this logical reaction or not :)

Jimmy Magee
Jul 20 2016 10:02
Hi, anyone got a webpack config working for ng-sematic with angular2 RC4 ?
Jul 20 2016 14:04
@aider_twitter I'm doing it manually. I'm adding the last git hash to the description of my package.json and do a diff (e. g. where ddec25a was the git hash of my last update). If you haven't modified the webpack configs like me then you could download the diff and apply it, but I haven't tried it.
Jul 20 2016 15:52
Hi, what is the recommended procedure for periodically updating the starter project? we've downloaded the starter 2 months ago and since developed much. Now we'd like to update our starter + NG2 packages. How would you recommend to perform that? I assume that npm-update wont be enough since the starter has webpack definitions, etc
Jul 20 2016 17:04
Hey. How can I use assets/styles sass variables on component level sass files?
Jamie Spittal
Jul 20 2016 23:20
Has anyone using this pack encountered this issue?