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Jul 2016
Dominik Gätjens
Jul 21 2016 07:13
is there a way to speed up testing? npm test has a rly long initial pahse.. and npm watch:test doesnt seem to work with typescript recompilation
Paul W.
Jul 21 2016 13:28
Hello! I want to try out .net core, but am a big fan of the AngularClass webpack-starter. Would it be difficult to adapt your starter kit to make use of .net core?
There's a decent guide here for getting started with .net core and angular2 boilerplate, however it is without other preconfigured tools such as a karma-jasmine
Paul W.
Jul 21 2016 13:35
Ah in the meantime, I discovered this repo. Might be better for me to use instead:
99% Cocoa
Jul 21 2016 15:00
I've installed both @types for bootstrap and jquery, but keep getting this error: Property 'carousel' does not exist on type 'JQuery'. Is there something I should include to $('.carousel').carousel()?