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Jul 2016
Thuan Le
Jul 22 2016 07:49
hi every one
i have a question
how can i use lib npm ?
vivek tiwary
Jul 22 2016 11:13
How to update this repo
to my local machine
Please any one guide me on this
Anton Iliyn
Jul 22 2016 11:17
@vivdkool git pull))
vivek tiwary
Jul 22 2016 11:18
@brud i have to just run this command
if you don't mind what the use of github_deploy
vivek tiwary
Jul 22 2016 11:39
i am getting this error Error:Error: Parse tsconfig error [{"messageText":"Unknown compiler option 'lib'.","category":1,"code":5023},{"messageText":"Unknown compiler option 'strictNullChecks'.","category":1,"code":5023},{"messageText":"Unknown compiler option 'baseUrl'.","category":1,"code":5023},{"messageText":"Unknown compiler option 'paths'.","category":1,"code":5023},{"messageText":"Unknown compiler option 'types'.","category":1,"code":5023}]
i just checked out this repo
and getting this error on tscompiler
Matt Heise
Jul 22 2016 12:15
@vivdkool What command are you running? lib, strictNullChecks, baseUrl, and types were fields that were all added to the tsconfig.json with the upgrade to TS 2.0. There are known issues in running certain commands like typedoc as the associated repository has not yet been updated to TS 2.0.
vivek tiwary
Jul 22 2016 12:17
@mhheise i didn't run anything i am using webstorm and when i open about.ts file encountered this
Matt Heise
Jul 22 2016 12:24
@vivdkool Try updating your TypeScript version in WebStorm. In the default settings dialog go to Languages & Frameworks -> TypeScript -> Check "Enable TypeScript Compiler" -> Click "Edit" -> Select "Custom directory" -> Point to your custom install directory (here, this will be %YOUR_PROJECT_ROOT%/node_modules/typescript/lib) -> Select "OK". Alternatively, you can use VS Code and follow the steps I outlined AngularClass/angular2-webpack-starter#781.
If you are okay upgrading to a newer version, WebStorm 2016.2 appears to have TS 2.0 support as well, and that may be an easier path for you to take.
Stas Kohut
Jul 22 2016 14:14
This message was deleted
Jul 22 2016 19:02
Hi I've started to use this awesome starterkit. I'm having some trouble with appState. After I hint F5, all state is deleted.
How can I keep appState between page refreshes?
Jul 22 2016 20:09
one of the things that should be fixed before release is that if a templateUrl has errors, there needs to be a way to notify developer of those errors, either in the debug window, or something.
Jul 22 2016 20:19
@mhheise I just got web storm yesterday for my mac. The windows version runs clunky, doesn’t feel smooth. Maybe my mac processor is faster which is why it feels smoother.