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Jul 2016
erwin del rosario
Jul 25 2016 03:58
hey guys anyone know why i cant use material in this starter pack?
Valentin Konusov
Jul 25 2016 04:05
Hello everybody, help me please :)
Module 'moment' has no exported member 'MomentFormatSpecification'.
after migrating to @types module
Pho Huynh
Jul 25 2016 07:07
I have a serious problem with production. I have a route ’/app’. And it cannot be found because the URL is beautified, it’s not ‘localhost/#app’ but ‘localhost/app` so when I deploy, it cannot find the ‘app/index’. Please help :(
Matt Heise
Jul 25 2016 12:24
@mclouvem I would not think the appState should be preserved when the app is refreshed -- you are reloading all of the app resources as if you had navigated to the page for the first time. If you want to maintain the appState during development, you should leverage HMR through npm run server:dev:hmr.
Matt Heise
Jul 25 2016 12:32
@ejdelrosario_twitter If you are looking to use angular2-material, check out the material2 branch in this repository.
@BioSin I think this is documented moment/moment-timezone#341. How are you trying to import the moment module in your code? Are you using something like import * as moment from 'moment'?
@shortgiraffe4 Are you using HashLocationStrategy or PathLocationStrategy? I am not sure what you mean by beautified in this context... There should not be a time when you have localhost/#app; it should probably be localhost/#/app.
Pho Huynh
Jul 25 2016 13:08
@mhheise Where can I config those strategies?
I want to use HashLocationStategy instead
Matt Heise
Jul 25 2016 21:07
From master, here. Unless you have changed the default from this repository, HashLocationStrategy is the default.