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Jul 2016
Chris Grant
Jul 27 2016 12:33
Anyone seen this issue before when trying to run build:prod?
    Error in bail mode: [default] /Users/Chris/blah/node_modules/@types/core-js/index.d.ts:21:13 
    Duplicate identifier 'PropertyKey'.
Valentin Konusov
Jul 27 2016 18:07
@mhheise yes :) (sorry for long answer)
@tan9 hi, but I think it's not solve the problem, because moment/moment-timezone#343 (see last comment)
I use now @types and typings for moment / moment-timezone, but I think it's very bad :(
Jul 27 2016 21:08
Guys, I'm trying to redirect the user to original URL (e.g /home/user) after he/she login. How to do this using latest router?