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Jul 2016
PatrickJS []
Jul 29 2016 06:48
@sumigoma Chrome is releasing their own version of PhantomJS and there were just problems with PhantomJS
Akeel Nazir
Jul 29 2016 08:20
can I use the latest NodeJS version with the starter? I'm using v6.2.1
Akeel Nazir
Jul 29 2016 09:26
how can I use express instead of http-server?
Jul 29 2016 13:47

I'm trying to learn Material 2 and when I tried to just add a button to a component template to see what it would look like it didn't render. This is what I added:

<md-button class="md-raised md-primary">Raised button</md-button>.

I noticed that none of the component classes register any Material2 directives so I looked through the code and saw that the Material directives were provided in the bootstrap although I'm still unsure as to how the directives are being applied to each Component without the directives property being set. So, I saw this in the bootstrap call:

When I looked up decorateComponentRef, I see this definition:

_decorateComponentRef = (cmpRef) => {
let _ng = (<any>window).ng;
(<any>window).ng.probe = _ng.probe;
(<any>window).ng.coreTokens = _ng.coreTokens;
return cmpRef;

I'd like to understand what that definition of decorateComponentRef is accomplishing, i.e. how is this decorating the components so that the material directives are applied to all components if that is in fact what it's doing, and why doesn't my simple Material Button work.
Jason Shultz
Jul 29 2016 14:50
Does anyone know of a Angular2 Google API Client library? I was looking to build a simple Analytics dashboard that we could throw on the big screen at our office and run it off a raspberry pi. I assumed that Google probably has an Angular 2 service for the client api but it looks like I'm wrong. Before I go and try to reinvent the wheel, I wonder if anyone else has already run across one?
Here is where I started. Then I looked here to see if they had one. After a couple of hours of googling, it doesn't appear that one exists yet.