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Aug 2016
Knut Schle├čelmann
Aug 04 2016 06:11
@mclouvem Sounds more like an issue for angular/angular
vivek tiwary
Aug 04 2016 11:11
any idea how to debug in webstorm
David Losert
Aug 04 2016 12:36
@trcollinson : I think currently there is only coverage for those files somehow imported by your tests - as the spec.bundle.js only imports tests and not your whole source-folder
i meant @largeDachshund
Aug 04 2016 13:00
Hey folks. Any chance ya'll can accept PR #827? I'm trying to get an automated Vagrant set up running, and I really need this to finish the automation. Otherwise I need to edit the config file by hand, which obv. isn't ideal.
vivek tiwary
Aug 04 2016 13:18
how to debug in vscode