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Aug 2016
Aug 10 2016 00:21
I use starter kits but I disagree, if I had to start over again, I'd use cli when just starting. If you are just trying to learn angular, it can be a big distraction to spend your time trying to learn build systems rather than just learning the framework
cli is supposed to ultimately automate a lot of steps that you may spend days trying to figure out
Jan Michael Vincent Trinidad
Aug 10 2016 07:35
Hi, How can I use jquery plugins in webpack? Thanks
C. Schott
Aug 10 2016 10:14
any idea when github repo will be updated to use rc5 ?
Anyone has successfully loaded SASS by styleUrls instead of "require" ?
Ryan Langton
Aug 10 2016 19:20

[14:11:45] TypeError: Cannot read property 'UglifyJsPlugin' of undefined

            plugins: [
              new webpack.optimize.UglifyJsPlugin({
                compress: { warnings: false }

any ideas?

Jared Youtsey
Aug 10 2016 21:43
With RC5 I can't debug into my app component. I can set breakpoints, but they are off by 7 lines. So a breakpoint I set in Chrome dev tools is actually stopping the line 7 lines down in the editor. This doesn't work too well for debugging.
What would cause the mismatch between the source map and the debugged/generated file?