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Aug 2016
Stefan Obradovic
Aug 11 2016 04:50
@lanocturne - I'd be interested in the same but compile scss to css
Aug 11 2016 12:57
Hi, im trying to use fragments in the angular2 router to navigate to a section of a webpage but cant import NavigationExtras from @angular/router. on inspecting the index file, all that is in there is NavigationStart/End/Error/Cancel
Shahmir Noorani
Aug 11 2016 14:21

@stefan-o @lanocturne I've been able to get scss to compile to css and use styleUrls via

    test: /\.scss$/,
    loaders: ['css-to-string-loader', 'css-loader', 'postcss-loader', 'resolve-url-loader', 'sass-loader?sourceMap'], 


    test: /\.ts$/,
    loaders: ['awesome-typescript-loader', 'angular2-template-loader'],
    exclude: [/\.(spec|e2e)\.ts$/]

and in my component, I have:

styleUrls: ["./dashboard.component.scss"],