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Aug 2016
Stefan Obradovic
Aug 12 2016 05:19
that is loading the styles but isn't actually giving anything styles
Aug 12 2016 09:16
Hello, any idea of this, i use Angularclass, when i built it in development mode, it can run well, no errors, but when i built in production mode, it get error, written in console 'process is not defined' ?, i use node 4.4.5 and npm 2.15.5
Mathijs Segers
Aug 12 2016 09:46
use a newer version of node
Aug 12 2016 11:57
i just tried with the latest version of node, it didnt work, get same result
Aug 12 2016 15:44
Anybody using WebStorm? I cloned the repo and WebStorm is underlining @Component with error Invalid number of arguments, expected 0. The project builds and runs fine. I think the error is just an editor thing, but it's highly distracting. I appreciate any help.
Aug 12 2016 16:15
I found a ticket on JetBrains about this problem: