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Aug 2016
Meligy, GuruStop.NET
Aug 15 2016 04:40
@cmermingas try changing the TypeScript lib from the bundled one to the one in node_modules/typescript/lib
Dominik Gätjens
Aug 15 2016 07:40
does anyone has an idea where to find some angular/java developers for hire or feelance ;)? even remote-work is an option
John Lee
Aug 15 2016 09:14
any suggestions on how to use webpack config variables in angular 2 templates?
Aug 15 2016 09:21
Has anybody had an issue with the angular router in Google Chrome where the page refreshes a second or two after arriving at a new component with the router.navigate()?
John Lee
Aug 15 2016 09:28
@cmermingas , it's fixed in the upcoming patch of Webstorm. You can test it out on the EAP version here:
Jared Youtsey
Aug 15 2016 16:43
Has anyone seen this in RC5 where the source maps don't quite line up? My debugger; stmt is getting hit, but Chrome interprets it many lines later. It's WORKING, but it's REALLY hard to debug