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Aug 2016
Aug 16 2016 08:06
@jlee1201 I'm also wondering about that. Are you using DefinePlugin ?
I also need the variables injected into my index.html
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
Aug 16 2016 19:32
Hi, i have a question, what purpose does it hold the this.appState object? i get it is a variable that holds state between HMR reloads or something but in a production ready app we wouldn't use it right?
John Lee
Aug 16 2016 23:00
@bjorneven , I wound up using ejs-html loader and added it to parse *.html
/* Raw loader support for *.html
       * Returns file content as string
       * See:
        test: /\.html$/,
        loaders: ['raw-loader', 'ejs-html'],
        exclude: [helpers.root('src/index.html')]
and put my variables in module.exports.ejsHtml
then I can access them in my html like:
<a href="<%= api_url =>">