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Aug 2016
vivek tiwary
Aug 18 2016 08:16

I am using angular 2 rc.5 and a question comes in my mind while creating a small application with login form. so my first module will be login and will be redirected by default and on successful login i will redirect to home module which will have there nav items on top and router outlet to load other modules.

for doing this i have to create two router outlet on at app level and one at home level which sounding me not appropriate is there any good way.

Asad Sahi
Aug 18 2016 08:26
@handsofblue67 I had to remove whole uglify plugin to get production build working. turning off mangling wasn't helping me.
Any idea whats the hold for upgrading angular2-webpack-starter project to rc5?
Aug 18 2016 09:24
Having a problem when routing between pages, before navigating i wait on an observable and it is resolved as expected but after the navigation the html on the second component is trying to load before the ngOnInit has populated variables from an object that was created from the observable on the previous page. any known issues with the OnInit?