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Aug 2016
Aug 22 2016 13:24
Still on previouse version of webpack (with Angular RC.4). Have issue in FireFox but can't check it - there is no "main.bundle.js" that i can debug in FireFox debugger or FireBug. At first page load i can see in network that bandle was loaded, but there is only debuggable "polyfill.bundle". Tried to change different output source maps - no main bandle... Any suggestions?
Kingsley Hendrickse
Aug 22 2016 18:38
hey - how do you add scss support to bundle up all the css with webpack in a similar way to the js gets bundled up? Is it possible?
@Chelen - I had the same issue with 0.6.15 and had to fix at 0.6.12 like you did
Derek Barrera
Aug 22 2016 22:53
Hey there, does anyone know when might be back?