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Aug 2016
Pontus Enmark
Aug 24 2016 06:46
@jlee1201 i use:
devServer: {
    port: METADATA.port,
    historyApiFallback: true,
    watchOptions: {
      aggregateTimeout: 300,
      poll: 1000
    proxy: {
      '/api/*': {
        target: 'http://localhost:19080',
        secure: false,
        rewrite: function(req) {
          req.url = req.url.replace(/^\/api/, '/');
    outputPath: helpers.root('dist')
Ryan Langton
Aug 24 2016 19:08
when I run the my tests using the starter kit for karma + webpack, I can debug my tests in chrome browser (sourcemaps working), but when the code steps into my code files (System Under Test) the sourcemaps are not working and I cannot follow the code.. anyone seen this??
Ryan Langton
Aug 24 2016 19:27

I can change the following code:

    preprocessors: {
      './spec-bundle.js': ['coverage', 'webpack', 'sourcemap']


    preprocessors: {
      './spec-bundle.js': ['coverage', 'webpack']

and it makes no difference.. makes me think the sourcemap preprocessor isn't working, but no errors

so it looks like karma-sourcemap-loader just makes sourcemaps available to karma.. since I don't have any physical sourcemaps how does this work?
I see these lines of code.. tried different devtool's, same results
   * Source map for Karma from the help of karma-sourcemap-loader &  karma-webpack
   * Do not change, leave as is or it wont work.
   * See:
  devtool: 'inline-source-map',