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Aug 2016
matthew harwood
Aug 26 2016 03:33

if you have a component and inject a directive into the componenet, is it possible to append that directive attribute to the host element? e.g:


  selector: 'app',
  encapsulation: ViewEncapsulation.None,
  styleUrls: [
  directives: [



<app mh-scroll>

this totally mh-scroll works if I append teh directive to the inner component template but not the host itself.

Aug 26 2016 09:57
Hi experts, just notice the latest updates on the project that the path: 'detail', loadChildren: () => System.import('./+detail') instead of previous using es6-promise. So we are now mixing SystemJS and webpack now ...?
Aug 26 2016 13:39

Hello to all! Can you help me please? I've justed forked the angular2-webpack-starter repo and trying to make stylus compilation work.
I've added stylus loader to webpack.common.js:

    test: /\.styl$/,
    exclude: /node_modules/,
    loader: 'raw-loader!stylus-loader'

and changed app.component.ts:

styles: [

It works. But if I use HMR (I start the server like npm run server:dev:hmr) it doesn't reload when I delete some lines in stylus file. For example:

I add the following code:

    background red

Result: app updates and changes the background.

I remove two lines added.
Result: I got messages in console, but app does not update.
In console I don't see lines about stylus changes.
And if I reload manually I see the changes.
Why this happens?

Shahmir Noorani
Aug 26 2016 21:53

hey guys. I'm trying to update my code to use webpack2, simiar to the repo, and I'm getting:

ERROR in [default] C:/dev/RO.View.Dashboard/View/Slb.Prism.RO.View.Dashboard/node_modules/@types/protractor/index.d.ts:1
Subsequent variable declarations must have the same type. Variable '$' must be of type 'JQueryStatic', but here has typ
e 'cssSelectorHelper'.