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Aug 2016
Aug 31 2016 04:27
@jmurphzyo in your webpack config under plugins are you including the HtmlElementsPlugin plugin?
Elvis Begović
Aug 31 2016 08:57
Do someone know a angular2 component to show folder and file in different view like an File Explorer ?
Aug 31 2016 13:04
hey guys, i just created this issue: AngularClass/angular2-webpack-starter#937
I'm interested in creating a native iOS/Android App starting from the angular2-webpack-starter
No extra functions, just a native app that behaves same like the web app.
Aug 31 2016 16:29
Hey everyone, can someone help me with a very basic question? I want to include a 3rd party javascript file (that can be consumed via a commonJS or ES2016 import). I'm including it successfully in my vendor.ts file and can see that webpack correctly compiles it. Now, when I try to import it in my TypeScript file, it gives me an error "Cannot find module".
Aug 31 2016 16:47
If I use commonJS syntax instead of ES6 it works. I don't understand why, though 😱 Any hint very appreciated.